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We would like to thank our customers for

their continued support during the pandemic. 

Although restrictions are lifting we still have a few guidelines that we have to follow in accordance with the current WA Government’s health response to the COVID-19. At this present time, 5th December 2020,  we can accommodate approx 65 guests dining in. 

All guests dining in are required to "check in" either via the SAFEWA APP or our paper register. Information is kept for 28days & will be handed over to W.A Health department in the event of an outbreak. We take your privacy seriously & will not use your information for any promotional schemes. 

Please note we have preset seating times. A time of 90 Minutes will be allocated per booking made before 7:30pm. exceptions can be made for groups larger than 5.  Should you need more time, please advise in the request box or call the restaurant before the time of your reservation. 

We kindly ask that you follow the seating times. Tables are held for only 15 minutes

for late arrivals. 


opening hours: Sunday Lunch from 12pm & dinner Monday to Sunday from 5pm.

time slots for dinner:

5:00  to 6:30

5:30 to 7:00

6:00 to 7:30

6:30 to 8:00

7:00 to 8:30

7:30 onwards

8:00 onwards

8:30 onwards

we will not always be able to accommodate your preferred reservation time and request your understanding. we will get back to you asap in the event of a fully booked time slot. 

Please call the restaurant on 08 9371 5469 if you do not see a time slot that suits you.

We hereby thank you for your patience and valued support during this unprecedented time.

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